Translation Package

Translation packages give you as a translator access to all parts that are contributing to the translation of a project and its content automation rule set. These individual parts are called translation items. Each translation package belongs to a single Cockpit project and has a name picked by your colleague who is working on the main project layout as a cockpit user. Note that a translation package has one source language and one language to translate to. If you would like to simultaneously translate into two or more languages, you need a package for each language. These packages should all have the same source language, if possible, to prevent information loss.

Frozen in time

A translation package is a snapshot in time, that you can work on for the changes to be merged with the main rule set. It is completely isolated from the main project. This way you can work on the translation in parallel with your colleagues, who can improve the main rule set at the same time.

Merging the work

Creation, management and merging back your translation package happens in the Cockpit, our main (?) app, which is handled by your colleagues, the Cockpit users(?). The merging happens for each translation item individually. This way you can frequently contribute your work to the main rule set and don't have to struggle through the whole package first. Smaller portions are better.

Cooperation with your colleagues

You can only see the translation packages which have been assigned to you and which haven't been archived by a cockpit user.

Translation packages can have multiple assignees, in which case you and the other assignees work on the same pool of translation items and even can collaborate live on the same translation items. That a translation item is being worked on is indicated by the status "in progress" For better coordination you can utilize the comments on the Translation Items.

Finishing your work

So now you are working with your colleagues on the translation items, seeing them being submitted and hopefully accepted into the main project. The list gets shorter and shorter until it is empty. Then you have reached the finishing line. Sometimes not all items need to be translated. In that case your colleague in the main project can also archive the package and it is removed from your translate APP view.