Lookup entries

Lookup entries are pieces of text that are unfit either in language or otherwise to be used directly in the content. The lookup replaces the text with text better suited for the occasion and is the prime tool to translate input data values. These entries are gathered in lookup tables. The source data value also named key is displayed after the colon in the item name.

On the left side you find a lookup value that the key will be substituted for. On the right side you can check the corrected version.

While editing you have the same options as in phrases.

to make sure that your item is a good fit overall, switch test objects often, to test different cases.

Context for Lookup Tables

Lookup Tables are a feature in the Transform area on the NLG platform, with which you can convert words or phrases into other words or phrases.

Applications of Lookup Tables

  • Translating data field values in multilingual project, if the data is only provided in one language.

    • schwarz → negro (es-CL)
    • schwarz → black (en-US)
  • Converting data field values to the desired text output, e.g. for aligning values or fixing errors:

    • smart → smartphone
    • textile → textile fabric
  • Enriching data, e.g. by assigning phrases to data field values that are output in the sentence:

    • black → classic
    • casual → comfortable and tasteful

Settings in Lookup Tables

See Phrases for reference.