Phrases are units of text that have optional grammar info attached. That info is mostly used to allow automatic grammar processing due to the selection of number, gender, or case.

Within phrases there can be everything ranging from one word to a whole paragraph. Please keep in mind that these pieces need to fit to the rest of the rule set. Luckily that should already be the case so that you can concentrate on the translation work. Just be mindful that you don't divert to much in structure from the source part of your item.

to make sure that your item is a good fit overall, switch test objects often, to test different cases.

In the noun field you find the text (noun or more) that will be displayed at some other place, It may include branches.

If you have something written in the adjective field, it will be somewhere automatically displayed, describing the noun. Make sure it fits the noun.

The head noun field is used to provide gender for more complex noun compositions. If entered it will be used to determine the gender of the noun. If the head noun is only applicable to a certain part of the noun field. You can mark that part by editing heads as described below.

Settings in Phrases

Edit Heads Activate the head markers with which you can mark the head of the phrase. The grammar defining portion of the noun. If you have you written something in the head noun.