Variables can expose data values from data sources or the results of logic rules. They can be used in Containers or as Trigger Variables.

Examples für Variables

  • Direct transfer of the data as it appears in the data source: data: "black" - Variable: "black"
  • Altered data values e.g. via lookup table: data: "black" - Variable: "elegant"
  • Data values that have been subjected to logic operation: data: "7.6 inches" – Variable: "large"

Group Variables

Group variables consist of a list of variables. So Noun Containers that use Group variables have additional settings that specify the output of the list, such as the number and selection of elements in the list or the formatting. It is recommended to stick with the settings of the target language and to check any changes with the AX Cockpit user.

Important for the translation is the setting Conjunction for last entry. This is where you enter a conjunction that closes the list. Examples for such conjunctions are "and" or "or" - the results would be: dog, cat and mouse or dog, cat or mouse

If left empty, the last item will be separated by a comma.