Introduction to Translation in AX NLG Projects

There are two options for the generation of texts in different languages: Firstly, translating the results at the end of the text generation process, i.e. finished texts in the source language are translated (by machine or human) into one or more target languages. The second option is to integrate the translation into the generation projects which means that the logic and text rules are formulated mainly independently of the language. The translation of the language-dependent items is then carried out. Finally, the central project outputs the texts in each language.

This integrated approach has implications for translation:

  1. Individual items are translated, not continuous texts.
  2. Items are often small grammatical units, not complete sentences
  3. The editing of some items is used to annotate texts, i.e. to insert grammatical information (lexical items, containers).
  4. Translation may require that certain parts of the ruleset be modified for the target language, e.g. the number of branches providing variance in expressions.